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hospitality travel
#Wanderlust: Reaching the Millennial Traveler

Mike Ortley
July 28, 2017

Millennials have become the fastest growing customer segment within the travel/hospitality industry. 

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creative qualitative techniques

Creative Techniques; practical application

We know that a unique research approach is essential to deepening conversations with consumers, uncovering truths, and disrupting conventional narrow thinking. Learn more about our approach.

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event evaluation

Delivering Return on Event Investment

The C-Suite needs more visibility into ROI from meeting and event staff but often rely on a single channel to receive this information. 

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online grocery shopping

The Disruption of Online Grocery Shopping

The movement to online grocery shopping is a major disruption to the industry. Do you know what your customers want in a grocery shopping experience?

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clean(er) menu

Create a clean(er) menu

Some of the most successful restaurant chains are touting menu items with "clean label" ingredients.  If your restaurant hasn't followed suit, you might be left behind.

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millennial restaurant

My Millennial Restaurant Makeover

As a Millennial researcher, here are my thoughts on what I think Millennials want from restaurants and how I would makeover the perfect Restaurant of the Future.

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restaurant of the future

Restaurant of the Future

“Restaurant of the Future”... it’s the current buzzword in the industry. However, how can you be sure the enhancements you make will attract new customers without alienating your current ones?

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fishing rods

Reel It In

Influencers have direct communication with your consumer, are able to reinforce your brand’s image and play a pivotal role at the point of sale.

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Mobile Surveys

Geolocation and Mobile Surveys

Move your research forward by understanding what the consumer thinks, sees, and feels at the point of purchase with mobile survey technology. 

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trade influencers

Educating Trade Influencers

A question we at actûrus often hear is “why should my brand spend resources educating Influencers?” This is a valid question.  To understand the answer let’s start by defining who a Trade Influencer is.   

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menu optimization

Optimize your Menu

It's important to ensure your menu is focused on offerings that maximize reach and share of dining occasions. Uninformed choices could lead to dwindling sales, menu cannibalization, or a weakened brand. 

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cultural sensitivity

Cultural Sensitivity in Market Research

Being culturally sensitive when conducting market research goes beyond being politically correct; it can determine whether or not your research is reliable and valid.

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The Temperature of Tea

The Tea industry is anything but tepid. With millennials driving rapid change in this once steadfast category, the U.S. Tea Association forecasts tea sales will double over the next five years. 

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cpg goods

The Evolution of CPG

There have been a lot of changes in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry over the last few years. CPG companies need to have a plan in place to keep up and stay competitive. 


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social media

The Hidden Gem: The Social Media Influencer

Brands definitely see the potential for success in finding the right influencers via social media. And while they struggle to identify the appropriate influencers, they realize the important role they play in an effective brand strategy.

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Caffeinated Market Share

Americans are obsessed with coffee. Besides being the most popular morning beverage, many consumers turn to coffee for an afternoon pick me up. 

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millennial shoppers

Millennial Shoppers

Millennials are projected to spend $65 billion on consumer packaged goods over the next decade. 1  Want to understand their path to purchase?  Here are 5 things you should take into consideration when trying to reach your millennial consumers: 

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adult care 2

Innovative Perspective

The emotional and physical costs of adult incontinence have caused consumers to demand new ways of managing and preventing the condition. Innovation has changed the category.

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Hospital as Insurer

The rapid consolidation of the health insurance industry is leaving some hospitals worried about the coverage available to their patients. But uncertainly often brings opportunity, and many hospital systems are adapting.

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best in class

Best in Class On-Premise Programs

Have you ever wondered what makes a Best in Class On-Premise Program?  As the global leader in on-trade research and consultancy, actûrus has spent a lot of time finding an answer to this question.

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global brands

Interacting with brands in a global environment

As a market research company with firm footings in both the domestic and global market, we often present study results to marketing and brand management teams on two different sides of the pond, literally and figuratively. Technology has made the world a much smaller and more accessible place, which has prompted more companies to expand globally. 

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The Rise of Snackification

Snacking is on the rise.  Are you prepared for the trend with updated branding and marketing strategies? 

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Marketing in a Multicultural World

Multicultural consumers present the largest domestic opportunity for brand equity and revenue growth. Do you know how to connect with this influential group of consumers?

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Ethnography as a passion

As a new member of actûrus, the world of Market Research, and generally life outside of higher education, I’ve come to realize how much I still have to learn. But, if there’s one thing I feel like I know really well, it’s ethnography. 

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Ingredient Refinement: One Size Does Not Fit All

We live in a world where consumers are becoming more focused on the ingredients that go into their food.  Do you know what consumers expect from their labels? 

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adult care

Getting the right creative for your audience

Brands are beginning to normalize female incontinence and speak openly about it in their advertising. Actûrus can help you discover how best to reach your target market though our proprietary method Ad AssessSM.

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Brand Equity Revolution

Stop measuring brand health on the broad average and start measuring brand health in the right context.

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path to purchase

Discover the Path to Purchase

At actûrus, our goal is to capture the consumer journey. We do this with our integrative and comprehensive Path to Purchase (p2p) analysis. Our experts leave no stone unturned in order to understand how consumers’ needs fit into the purchase process. 

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Optimize Your Line

Our Innovation Continuum has helped some of the world’s largest brands build relevance with their customers by creating pipelines chock full of ideas, concepts, and profits. Want to learn more about how we can help?

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nightclub and bar

Hot Trends from the Nightclub & Bar Show

Have you ever wondered how nightclubs and bars gain inspiration for creating and perpetuating new trends? After attending the 2016 Nightclub and Bar Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas, you’ll wonder no more.  

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baby care

Clean eating for babies

In the constant search to provide what’s best for their children, parents have started buying natural, organic, clean label baby foods. However, they are confused about what ‘natural, organic, or clean foods’ actually consist of and if they are really good for their kids.

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health and beauty

Are we over sensitized to skin sensitivity?

Consumers are seeking out and buying skincare products labeled gentle or sensitive.  But what is the definition of sensitive skin? 

Find out how the right partner than can determine existing consumer preferences and potential opportunities for your brand.

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concept potential

Let consumers see the real you

Find out what happened when one restaurant chain reduced the sodium in its entire portfolio while another struggled with reinventing its soup program.

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The Rise of The Internet of Things @CES

Every year, Consumer Electronics Association hosts CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, NV. With more than 170,000 annual attendees and nearly 2 million square feet of show floor, CES is the gold star standard for industry innovation – both in policy and technology. This year there was one topic on everyone's minds, IoT. 

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competitive benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking

Don’t settle for one side of the story! Get the 360 x 360 view by utilizing our propriety research methods such as Competitive Benchmarking, to understand how today’s latest trends are affecting your customers and your business.

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Arizona Cocktail Week

Arizona Cocktail Week

 The 5th annual Arizona Cocktail Week was hosted at the Hotel Valley Ho from February 13-21 and acturus was happy to be in attendance.  Learn about some of the trends from this years conference.

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Veterinarian as Trusted Advisor

Veterinarians are an accepted and trusted advisor in pet care.  They help guide pet owners through the pros and cons of difficult and often emotional decisions regarding their animals.  Are you effectively positioning yourself to get your share of their recommendations?

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global baby care

Babies by the Numbers

The global baby food, formula, and diaper industries are growing, with the highest rates occurring outside of the US. This growth is focused in several key global markets some of which are experiencing explosive population expansion along with an increase in discretionary income stemming from dual income households.

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millennial coffee

A Well Caffeinated Generation

Millennials have surpassed the Baby Boomers as the largest living generation.  They are an influential group, with close to $200 billion in annual purchasing power, and they love coffee!

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millennials and children

Millennials are having children

Is your brand prepared for the millennial baby boom? If not, we can help.  View our latest infographic on Millennials Having Children.

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Pets as Family

Pet ownership is increasing, spending on pets is increasing, and animals are now considered part of the family.  Have you thought about how changes in consumer preference impact your business?

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hotel bell

The Reward of Hotel Loyalty

If you are looking for a way to connect with your millennial travelers, look no further than your hotel loyalty program.  With loyalty and reward programs having the potential to account for more than half of a hotel’s total reservations, it’s essential that hoteliers understand how best to target this key consumer group.1  

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Technology and Tires

Techie Tires.

Tires purchases are moving online.  With time becoming more of a commodity and less of a luxury, the preference for buying goods and services online is driven by necessity, convenience, and a new generation, Millennials. 

Are you prepared to deal with the changes in consumer preference?

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Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments Making the Move

The demand for mobile payment options is growing rapidly among consumers.
Are retailers ready to adopt and join the movement?



organic makeup

Organic, natural, traditional, oh my.

The health and beauty category has changed drastically over the last few years.   We now find ourselves in a world where natural products are mainstream, backed by celebrities, and wrapped in beautiful packaging.  

Are you prepared to deal with the changes in consumer sentiment?

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athletic wear

The Comfortable World of Apparel

More and more, consumers look to fellow consumers to inform their purchasing decisions.
Are you leveraging the power of influence? View our latest infographic on The Comfortable World of Apparel.

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The Millennial Hotel Experience

Do you know who is staying at your hotel, why they stay, and how you can keep them coming back? 

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grocery shopping

Reaching Hispanics: A Mix of Traditional and New Behaviors

Food plays an important role in Hispanic culture, bringing friends and family together in the kitchen and around the table.

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Superfoods: A Marketing Success Story

Superfoods have become a marketing success story over the past decade thanks to the natural foods movement and overall increase in public awareness around healthy eating.

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girl trying on clothes

What does 'athleisure' mean for retail?

Consumers spent $2 billion more on apparel in 2014 over the previous year due to the high demand for activewear. 

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Kids These Days - Millennials

Are millennials really that different than other generations?

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Swiss Data Accounts?

In the wake of the EU’s decision to invalidate the long-standing Safe Harbor agreement between the US & EU I’ve found myself marveling at the way a single Facebook user has managed to upend a significant agreement between two nations.

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GMO-Free: Fad or trend?

It is estimated that the global non-GMO market could reach $800 billion in the next 2 years.  

Take a look at our latest infographic on the rise of GMO-Free: Fad or Trend?

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woman looking at paperwork

Who's happy now?

The General Social Survey continues to find that happiness for folks over thirty is sliding and has been since the 70s. 

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acturus logo

Think. Feel. Do. We hope this site inspires you to do all three.

Today marks the launch of the actûrus website, a site as non-traditional and distinctive as the company it represents.

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How the NFL Got Its Head in the Game by Marketing to the Female Fan Base

According to recent reports by Nielsen, more women watch football than any other sport, including baseball or basketball. And finally, the NFL took notice.

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dog paw

Animal Health: Pets Feel the Pinch

Dogs and cats – literally abandoned in foreclosed homes or surrendered at a shelter – innocent victims of the recession. We can do better on behalf of our four-legged friends.

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shopping cart

Changing a Business Strategy: How to Improve Brand Affinity While Staying True to Brand

Companies are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve and their competitors. For many retail companies, a complete overhaul of their look and feel is required to retain loyal consumers and attract new ones.

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Luxury Asia

China's slowing economy has put regional economies under pressure and created a dip in the long term growth of the booming middle class and even pressuring the top of the income strata.

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Pumpkin is the New Bacon

What is it that pushed pumpkin from a Thanksgiving pie to a flavor at every bar, grocery store and restaurant in town? Gaining consumer insights can be tricky; knowing what they’ll be interested in before they can even explain it can be trickier.

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cleaning supplies

Market Intelligence on Household Cleaning: Digging Deeper Into Consumers’ Preferences

Acturus wants to help you understand not only your current consumers, but your up-and-coming consumers and your untapped markets. From household cleaning scents, to the tools consumers prefer, here’s what we uncovered…

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man at computer

Brand Strategy: How do brands react when their story gets told by others?

Having a social media presence is key to creating and maintaining your brand’s awareness. Making sure your brand stays aware of these developments and is on top of the official response is vital.

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Did They Research That? TurboTax Edition

When companies and brands run into trouble, particularly trouble of their own making, we often ask ourselves: Did they research that? 

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Winning and Failing with Pinterest and Product Innovation

If you are a “pinner,” you will understand that there are “wins” and there are “fails,” as in many other aspects of life and business.

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The Evolving American Palate: Food Industry Needs Smart Innovation to Fuel America’s Hunger

Trying to keep up with these ever changing trends can be can be a costly challenge to brands in the CPG food and restaurant industries...

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business woman

The Business of Women: How to Market to the Women of the Millennial Generation

In the “Business of Women” series we’ve been answering the questions that companies all over the country are trying to answer when it comes to effectively marketing to women.

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Look Before You Leap onto the Organic Bandwagon

From claims testing to ad testing, package design and everything in between, at actûrus we focus on what is pertinent to your industry and help build brand relevance to the consumer. 

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Product Innovation & Summer Beer Sales

The market for beer is budding around the country as Americans seem to be in a flavor renaissance, experimenting with different types of hops, hybrid mixtures, and local brews.

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retired couple

Finance Industry Trends Update – Retirement: What happens when failure is the only option?

Compared to previous generations, higher and higher percentages of retirees will be using 401ks and other retirement vehicles to pay for their retirement. 

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