Total coverage for the insurance industry

Consumers will spend an average of only 45 minutes selecting a health plan.


What are you going to say to your consumers?  Do you have the right products to win?


Think. Feel. Do. Understanding how consumers think about complex financial decisions, how they feel about making those decisions and what they are going to do is vital to your success. 

We know your products, sales channels and consumers. And if we haven’t done research for you, we have done it about you. We know you.

Insurance can often be perceived as dry, boring or stagnant. We see it as life altering. Clients come to us with a myriad of issues and questions: how can we provide better care to those who are suffering? How can we make sure everyone has coverage? These questions are emotional, challenging and indicative of change. The insights they’ve helped us uncover have resulted in hundreds of new ideas, policy reform and increased trust between brand and consumer.

If you want to be perceived differently, you have to be willing to stand out. Our non-traditional, consultative research approach utilizes quantitative, qualitative and syndicated research to give our clients the results they crave: benchmarks for care services, enhanced recruiting and training strategies, improved performance and, ultimately, market gains. Does your research accomplish these goals?  If not, put the life back in insurance.

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