Taking a deeper look at cosmetics

80% of women cannot correctly identify their own skin tone.

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Want to understand the mental makeup of your health and beauty aid consumers? Let’s get thoughtful.


Makeup is more than ingredients in a bottle, tube or compact. It represents a feeling, a sense of worth or a confidence boost. Health and beauty aid purchases are subjective and often times sensitive in nature. A positive or negative experience with a brand influences whether or not a woman will continue buying it or eliminate it from her shopping cart forever.

Experience and perception play a huge role in health and beauty. Actûrus surveyed hundreds of women from multiple countries to see if they could correctly identify their skin tone. After comparing women’s perceived tone with their actual tone, we discovered a disconnect between perception and reality. Eighty percent of women could not correctly identify their skin tone, meaning they were buying the wrong shade of makeup for their skin. Would you know how to solve for this problem?  How does a brand combat a perception- based opponent? Why does one consumer buy your brand while another prefers the competition?

We have answers. We have helped our clients figure out how to talk to their customers about makeup through custom modeling, explaining what resonates and what doesn’t. We’ve determined how their packaging should look, and we’ve substantiated claims as support of product efficacy.  We’ve also gone above and beyond the call of duty, providing countless points of view created from the pages of all of your reports, not just a single study.

This has led to more targeted marketing campaigns, more streamlined processes in package design and launch, more effectively positioned products and inspiration for innovation pipelines.  That’s the beauty of working with actûrus.

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