Some food for thought on food research

30% of consumers say fat per serving is a decision influencer.

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We take food seriously. Almost as seriously as we take consumer research. Which means consumer research about food is as good as it gets for us. And we can tell you from experience, brands shouldn’t mess with a consumer’s eating experience. 


Some of the strongest influencers within the food service industry do not actually work in a restaurant or store. Social media, the internet and word of mouth are influencers a consumer frequently looks to for recommendations while also sharing their own. Each of these resources can positively or negatively influence the consumer’s impression of your brand before they even try it.

Our brand research measures what is being said about you online while reviews and comments are influencing the behavior of prospective consumers. From there, we can tailor brand-positioning strategies and concept tests to either capitalize upon or counter the content.


Menu and formula optimization techniques take into account today’s trends to help you prepare for tomorrow. Clean labels, sustainability and flavor preferences are all fueled by what is reported on the web. Trends today reach further and faster, and drive insights that are easy to see but often overlooked. We can help you uncover what’s next.

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