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Do it For Me Behavior (DIFM) is expected to represent 4 out of 5 passenger car oil changes in the US before 2020.


Lubricants is a slick business. Motor Oil Trade Influencers can help build traction and affinity for your brand.  Do you know how to reach them?


Consumers often feel an emotional attachment to their vehicle.   They know buying the right oil is essential to extending the life of their car, truck or motorcycle but look to experts to help them decide which brand of oil is the ‘right’ option. Knowledgeable, influential mechanics and owners can be extremely important to the success of your brand, ultimately recommending the type and brand of oil consumers buy.  

Exploring the functional and emotional relationship consumers have with their automobile, truck, or motorcycle and subsequently how motor oil plays a part in the relationship is a key area of focus for many brands.  It can be challenging to identify key messages that resonate with consumers and differentiate the brand from the competition while developing positioning that can be applied globally.


Actûrus has performed studies on most major continents in every region of the world. We’ve conducted thousands of interviews globally in the Passenger Car, Motorcycle, and Truck categories and have become the global leader in Motor Oil Trade Influencer (TI) research and strategy and tactics development. Our solutions have helped companies identify optimum communication paths to attract consumers, develop new packaging ideas to differentiate themselves from the competition and discover barriers to the shopper journey and in-store experience to make the point of sale as smooth as possible. If your insights are stuck in first gear, our trade influencer research can get you moving.

Even if your brand is not in the lubricants industry, what we’ve learned here about consumer behavior and successful research methods can be applied to other retail industries as well. 

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