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Bartenders make 260 recommendations per week.


Understanding a current trend is important. Capitalizing on the next trend before it arrives? That can set your brand apart. Pinpointing where your market is heading is a specialty of ours, especially within the adult beverage category.


Adult beverage is a massive consumer space with powerful influencers. A bartender, sommelier or mixologist interacts with the consumer at the point of purchase and has the ability to influence their behavior today and buying decisions in the future. It’s crucial to put your product in this person’s hands.

Beyond understanding what consumers are influenced by, we also explore how they experience a brand. In alcohol, we want to know who is drinking your product, how are they drinking it, and with whom. A particular time of year or social setting may encourage consumption of beer over spirits. Our insights can help position your brand as the preferred choice for your target at the desired time.


Large brands such as those in adult beverage often expand into international markets. We follow suit. Different countries, cities and communities have varying alcohol consumption laws and habits to accommodate. Packaging research and product testing can positively impact local consumer impressions and product development, allowing a brand to pivot its marketing efforts accordingly. Our research has spanned dozens of countries. This experience exemplifies our ability to customize methods and approaches to meet a client’s specific needs no matter where they may be. Cheers to that!

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