360 x 360

An all-encompassing approach to consumer insights.

Consumers don’t believe the world is flat. Your research shouldn’t be either.


We live in an age where consumers are constantly bombarded by influences:

  • Does a patron at their local bar choose one type of liquor because of personal preference or has it been recommended by a bartender?
  • Does the average consumer know which smartphone to buy or will they follow the retailer’s recommendation?
  • Is a mechanic’s recommendation for a new car valued more than an online review because of their perceived expertise?

Being able to identify and understand the intersection between the consumer and influencer allows us to deliver a richer and more nuanced view of consumer decision making. This multi-dimensional approach produces a better understanding of the how and why of the buying decision and greatly enhances the value of traditional research.


Our customized research strategies are designed to help you understand not only the consumer, but also the influences that surround them. Influencers carry varying levels of credibility depending on their perceived expertise. In some cases, like with social media, the influencer may not be an actual person but rather a collective opinion from trusted sources.

Our ability to combine years of experience in traditional research with this revolutionary approach creates our 360 x 360 perspective. It makes actûrus uniquely qualified to optimize your business and brand performance.

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